Activate Your Culture Space.

Over the past decade coworking spaces have graduated from being a disruptor in the office industry to being a mainstream workplace offering.  Not only for startups anymore, coworking is now part of the workplace portfolio of companies of all sizes- from startups to SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.  

At OpenWork, we bring the coworking experience to you.  We’ve helped plan, design, build, launch, and operate coworking spaces around the world for our real estate clients, and we now bring our white-label coworking services direct to companies who want their own branded coworking experiences.

We like to think of it as a company’s ‘culture space.’ 

Our Solution

We follow our time-tested process of delivering great spaces to clients.  The steps have been slightly modified to fit within the context of a specific company.

I.Feasibility & Fit

a. Worker type inventory
b. Work style survey
c. Space utilization assessment
d. Observation/Interview analysis

II.Space Design & Co-Creation

a. Design kick-off with our architect partner
b. Co-creation with employees and management
c. Customized branded space developed within company culture
d. Management approval/Build-ready documentation

III.Space Implementation & Internal Messaging

a. Kick-off construction and installation
b. Host internal conversations and recruiting during construction
c. Define “membership” and access
d. Introduce new coworking space to staff

IV. Space Activation

a. Technology (coworking software) implementation
b. Internal training (Community Manager)
c. Operations manual (training and delivery)
d. Ongoing platform management

About OpenWork

world’s first coworking consultancy

OpenWork is one of the world’s leading coworking consultancies, having been in the industry since 2008.  We have worked with clients throughout the US and in the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.  

Prior to launching OpenWork (in 2013) we were seasoned coworking operators of two coworking brands with four locations, and have been helping other investors and entrepreneurs ever since.  The OpenWork team brings together expertise in operations management, management education and consulting, design and marketing, HR and people management, and enterprise go-to-market strategy.  We are based in Austin, Texas.

Our Clients