Rethink Your Corporate HQ.

The world has transitioned to hybrid.
What does this mean for the current corporate office model? 

With a distributed workforce working from home, working from the office, and other third locations, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to redesign their company campus (and workplace strategy) to take advantage of the digital transformation. Employees are looking for community spaces that are inspiring and creative. Managers are looking for ways to increase retention and productivity. 

– Build a coworking space at your company HQ – 
Your culture. Your space. Your KPI’s.

Corporate Coworking

Build a coworking space at your company HQ


I.Feasibility & Fit

a. Worker type inventory
b. Work style survey
c. Space utilization assessment
d. Observation/Interview analysis

II.Space Design & Co-Creation

a. Design kick-off with our architect partner
b. Co-creation with employees and management
c. Customized branded space developed within company culture
d. Management approval/Build-ready documentation

III.Space Implementation & Internal Messaging

a. Kick-off construction and installation
b. Host internal conversations and recruiting during construction
c. Define “membership” and access
d. Introduce new coworking space to staff

IV. Space Activation

a. Technology (coworking software) implementation
b. Internal training (Community Manager)
c. Operations manual (training and delivery)
d. Ongoing platform management

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